How to be a Good Hotel Manager

Over the past twenty years, with the advent of the Internet and more sophisticated communications technology, being a good hotel manager has become more complicated. While the job has, in the past, mostly consisted of talking to people and making them happy with their stay at your hotel, the job has grown to encompass almost all aspects of hotel operations, from ensuring the laundry is clean to taking reservations, to providing excellent customer service in person and on the phone. Hotel managers still have to keep their guests happy and engaged, of course, but recently the job has become much more complicated and more important to the proper operation of a hotel.

Christopher Manning Cape Cod

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A good hotel manager has to be extremely well organized. There are many tools that hotel managers can use to keep track of all operations in their hotels, such as the workflow and productivity of their employees, reservations, and staffing. Hotel managers can expect to work long hours, especially when they are first hired because their skills will be in demand from customers to other employees and management. Good hotel managers delegate some of their tasks, just as in other offices and businesses.

Christopher Manning of Cape Cod is a hotel manager with decades of experience. He owns Pylon Hospitality Management in Cape Cod and is always trying to expand his workforce and his business to help boost the tourism industry in his region. Manning has ties with many hotels in the area and has managed many of them over his time in the area.


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