Hotel Management – Delegate the Right Personnel

Delegation is the name of the game when it comes to hotel management. No one can manage a hotel by themselves. Without employees you can trust, you won’t be able to run your hotel in the way you want it. Delegate employees to handle day-to-day tasks that you know can handle the task at hand. Give them the confidence in handling the task by patiently answering their questions and simply assuming that they can do it. If you handle your employees in a confident manner that shows them you are assured of their success, they will try to rise to your expectations and do whatever they can to ensure they succeed in their task.

Christopher Manning Cape Cod

Delegate employees you can trust to get the job done. Never set your employees up to fail. One spectacular failure can ruin an employee’s confidence and make them never want to attempt anything outside of their narrow duties again, limiting their usefulness and their abilities. When you delegate tasks, always remain in tune with your employee’s thoughts and feelings. Nothing is worse than the assumption that you don’t care about them. Who you delegate to complete each job makes all the difference between your hotel succeeding and failing.

Christopher Manning is a hotel manager and owner living and working in Cape Cod. Manning is the owner of Pylon Hospitality Management, which operates several hotels and resorts in the Cape Cod area. Manning says that his goal is always to build confidence in his staff with encouragement and delegation.


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