Managing Your Hotel – Be Prepared

There are many factors that go into effectively managing a hotel, including pleasing your staff, taking care of customers personally if necessary, and always being prepared for an emergency. Emergency situations are very rare (hopefully) in your hotel, so when one does occur, your staff and your customers will be looking to you to provide some leadership. You can start your preparedness by devising an emergency plan for all situations that may occur in your hotel and practicing them with your staff. Run drills so that everyone working at your hotel knows what to do in the event of any situation.

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All guests expect the hotel they stay at to provide for their safety at all times. Any member of your staff should know what to do in any situation because your guests will look to them for leadership in the event of an emergency. All of your employees should be well-versed in your protocols for all emergency situations so that they can lead guests to safety if necessary. You can further help your staff and your guests by posting evacuation and emergency plans in all of the rooms and in other highly visible places, so everyone knows what to do in any situation.

Christopher Manning Cape Cod, is a hotel owner in Cape Cod. Manning has instilled comprehensive emergency and evacuation plans in all of his hotels, and expects all of his staff members to do everything they can to ensure the safety of all other staff members and guests in any situation.


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