The Basics of Running a Hotel

Getting into the hotel game is not for everyone. You have to have some experience in certain areas that will make you overall successful later on. If you have no prior history in any sort of management position or business knowledge, you will have a hard time making things work for you. Christopher Manning of Cape Cod, with a background in Economics, has worked his way up to being a respected hotel manager and an owner and operator of his own company, Pylon Hospitality Management. He knows just what it takes to make sure a hotel runs smoothly and turns out to be popular and lucrative in the future.

Christopher Manning Cape CodIf you have a background in customer service, business, or even management, you will be well set up to run a hotel. Working in hospitality is all about people skills and knowing how to deal with not only the general public, but the staff as well. You need to know how to be welcoming and friendly and inviting for guests that will stay in your hotel.

Having a background in Business will help with the actual business decisions, doing the books, and marketing. Making sure you know how to keep people coming in to stay and spending money there is important.

Knowing how to manage anything, people or a business, is going to be important. As a hotel manager, you have to be able to coordinate rooms, reservations, and many different groups of staff; housecleaning, front desk, room service. There are many moving parts, and if you cannot get them managed properly, your hotel will not stand a chance.


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